Lincoln County Commissioner - Position 3








Terry was born in Newport, Oregon in 1945 to a second generation commercial fishing family and was raised and educated in Newport until he was a sophomore at Newport High School. His father made the tough decision to move the family to Salem, in order for Terry to pursue his track career and fine-tune his talent in the mile. Terry graduated from South Salem High School in 1964 and attended the University of Missouri on a track scholarship for the next two years. In 1967, Terry returned to run in Oregon, accepting a scholarship to attend Oregon State University from where he graduated in 1969. He was an accomplished quarter and half-miler, competing with some of the great runners of the 1960s and 70s. He was ranked #1 in the world for a period of time prior to the 1968 Olympics.

After graduating from high school, Terry purchased his first commercial fishing vessel and began fishing off the Oregon, Washington and California coasts. Over the past 45 years, Terry has owned and operated four commercial fishing vessels and has made his living in the salmon, shrimp, tuna and ground fish fisheries. Heís been involved in fisheries management and the creation of the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Act. Currently, Terry is a partner in a commercial fishing vessel that fishes for shrimp and crab.

In 1994, Terry was elected to the Oregon State House of Representatives and served his first term in 1995. He was reelected to second and third terms in 1996 and 1998. In 1995-96, he served as Vice-Chair on the House Committee for Natural Resources; was a member of the House Committee for Human Resources & Education; and served as Vice-Chair on the House Committee for Agriculture & Natural Resources; Vice-Chair on the House Committee for Education; was a member of Ways & Means for Natural Resources; was a member of the Pacific Fisheries Legislative Task Force; a member of the Interim Joint Committee for Salmon & Stream Enhancement; a member of the House Education Committee; a member of the Natural Resources Committee and the Speakerís Council on Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Co-authored with Lisa Nato the original Tsunami Inundation Bill; In 1998-99, he served as Vice-Chair on the House Agriculture & Forestry Committee; was a member of the Business & Consumer Affairs Committee; a member of the General Government Committee and a member of the House Committee on Species Restoration and Stream Recovery; and served on the Interim Committee for Trade & Economic Development.

In 2000, Terry registered and worked as a lobbyist during the 2000-01 legislative session. He was a key player in the first legislative drafts of the Education Reform Bill, Oregon Salmon Plan and the creation of the Oregon Salmon License Plate.

In 2002, Terry Thompson was elected Lincoln County Commissioner to serve his first term as County Commissioner in 2003. As Board Chair in 2005, Terry serves on numerous committees, some of which are the following: Association of Oregon Counties Public Lands and Natural Resources Committee; Alternate Board Representative for Cascades West Area on Transportation; Cascades West Council of Governments Senior Services Advisory Council; Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station Advisory Board Chair; Community Services Consortium: Region 4 Workforce Investment Board, Lincoln Employer Council and Coastal Issues Task Force Board; and the Lincoln County Cultural Coalition.

Terry has continued to be active with the youth in our community, volunteering at Newport Recreation Center and coaching middle school basketball and track and field. He has volunteered in school classrooms as a Marine Studies and Political Science teacherís aide.

Terry and his wife Marcia, Lincoln County Victims' Assistance Advocate, live in Newport. Their son Travis is a graduate of Newport High School and University of Oregon. Travis was three time all-american and two time captain of the University of Oregon Track and Field team. He is currently a assistant track coach at Lane Community College.